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Whether you’re a novice, a master, a joiner or a casual DIYer, Woodlab is a place where you can work with timber and enrich your understanding of it. It’s a place you can come to learn, explore new tools and processes, experiment with stuff, or get shit done.

Here you’ll discover a band of welcoming, slightly frantic explorers, obsessed with finding new ways to work with woods, and helping people like you to make things with local timber.

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our story & Mission

What people do with trees and timber matters. Gone are the days where we can unconciously regard wood to be a material at our disposal. We’re trying to create ways that people can be more concious.

The bit where your inbox is graced with updates on Woodlab courses, events and general geekery to make you sound knowledgeable and great.

How to find us

If you’re heading to South Devon, you may have heard of a little-known town called Totnes (twinned with Narnia). While Totnes supplies the lion and the witch, we supply the wardrobe, from a safe distance.

Find us at:
Woodlands Yard,
North Woods,

If you find yourself in Totnes, you’ve gone too far, in every sense.

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