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For the Love of Making
things out of wood

At Woodlab we want to share the love of making things out of wood. Our skills based courses are designed to introduce you to the modern workshop and give you an idea of where wood comes from. Practical, relevant skills for the career-changer, the enthusiast, the artist/maker, the DIYer, the lover of trees.

Wood Plane
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A way into the world of wood and woodlands

We want to power you up with knowledge of wood. How to machine it, work with grain and natural defects, and how to finish it. Part of every course is an introduction to the state of British woodlands, and how, as a potential buyer / maker, you can positively impact their biodiversity. Our courses show you the challenges and rewards of using locally sourced wood.

A beautiful object made by you

Each weekend course heads towards an object made by you. Objects that, if you saw them before the course you would not believe that you could have made something so accurate and beautiful. That’s the dream.

Proper skills in a proper workshop

The courses are skills led. They are centred on a key process or machine (and we have some most excellent machines). In combination they give you a great overview of contemporary woodworking. Enough to set your mind somersaulting at the potential of what you can do with wood.

Top teachers and cosy classes

Our teachers are fine, friendly human beings, just like you. They excel in demystifying complex processes, making them easy and accessible for the first-timer. We keep class sizes small. 4 students, 1 tutor. Intimate and focussed. This way you learn more and get way more squids for your quids.

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