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Sharpening tools


WoodLab, Woodlands Yard, Dartington, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 6N


6pm - 9pm

Sharpening Club

Sharpening Club is back! This time vastly improved with the expert tuition of Master Sharpener, Sean Hellman. We are over the moon that Sean is on board. You'll be hard pushed to find someone with more sharpening experience. He's even written a book all about it.

Sharpening Club is being re-launched with primary focus on Chisels and Plane blades. Sean will talk you through the multiple ways of sharpening using different methods and equipment and is keen to get you on the kit yourself. He says you'll definitely have at least one tool sharpened by the end and the knowledge to finish the others.

If you have other tools that need sharpening then let us know and if there are enough takers we'll hold more sessions. Sean's repertoire is phenomenal: adzes, auger bits, axes, billhooks, drill bits, carving chisels, craft knifes, froes, garden tools, gouges, hand saws, kitchen knives, mower blades, planer blades, router bits, scissors, sickles, scythes, shaving razors, shears, wood turning tools, etc.

These are single 3 hour sessions. They are for beginners and pros alike. Bring your neglected blades and bring them back to life.

Gather, sharpen, chat.

Dates & availability

6-9pm Wed 24th May - 3 of 8 places available

6-9pm Wed 5th July - 8 of 8 places available

Further course information

Where is it held?

In our beautiful double-height, purpose-built workshop in Dartington Forest. Map and parking details will be sent to you once you’ve booked.

What is provided?

The session fee covers expert tuition, sharpening equipment, tools to sharpen (if you don't bring your own), the use of PPE (personal protective equipment) in various sizes, teas, coffee and dairy-free milk.

How many tools can I bring?

As many as you like. You might not get all of them sharpened - this is really down to the number of tools and the individual (and the state of them both!), but you'll certainly come away with at least one newly honed blade and the knowledge of how to finish the others. If you don't have tools of your own but are interested in sharpening then we'll have blades you can sharpen here.

Feel free to bring your own sharpening equipment too if you'd like to know how to use it properly, although we reserve the right to prevent you from using it during the course if we deem it inappropriate.


What to bring, what to wear, where to park, etc. will all be given to you once you've booked.

We look forward to welcoming you to Woodlab!


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In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful.


Alice Walker


The course is great, I finally have a frame for my squashed newt and I made it myself!


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