Terms & conditions

Our Ts & Cs are split into 3 parts:

1. Commissions terms & conditions

2. Course terms & conditions

3. General workshop users terms & conditions

1. Commissions terms & conditions

Our design processes

We’ll first have a consultation call (or an exchange in writing) with you to discuss the furniture you would like us to design and make. This will include details of exact sizing, type of timber, style and positioning. Based on your specifications, we’ll then send you the design for your approval. It’s so important that you’re happy with the design, so there may be some back and forth between us while the design is being finalised. It’s so important that the measurements you provide to us, so that the furniture fits into the desired space, are completely accurate as we will rely on your measurements when making the furniture. There may be occasions when we are required to measure up for you and will require access in order to perform this task.

Somewhere at the very beginning of the process; usually after our first call, we’ll require a non-refundable deposit. The purpose of the non-refundable deposit is to secure our time during the design process.

Once you have approved the design, we’ll confirm the quote for the design and manufacture of the furniture. You will need to pay the full cost in advance before we will start to produce your furniture and our bank account details will be stated on our quote.

Pricing and availability

The designs and images we provide to you as part of the design process are for illustrative purposes only. We make every effort to display the colours accurately but we can’t guarantee that a device's display of the colours will reflect the actual furniture. Your furniture may therefore vary slightly from those images in the design.

It is possible that minor changes may need to be made to the furniture between your order being placed. An example is to reflect changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements, or to address particular technical or security issues. Any such changes won’t change any main characteristics of the furniture, and they won’t normally affect your enjoyment of the furniture. If it will, we’ll advise you and you would have the option to cancel your order for a refund.

We use our reasonable efforts to ensure the prices given to you in our quote are right. We reserve the right to change prices, but this won’t affect any order you’ve already placed.

We check the prices before we accept your order.  In the unlikely event that we’ve given you incorrect pricing information, we’ll email you to inform you of the mistake. If the correct price is lower than that shown when you made your order, we will charge you the lower amount and continue processing your order.  If the correct price is higher, we’ll give you the option to purchase the furniture at the correct price or to cancel your order (or the affected part of it). We won’t proceed with processing your order in this case until you respond.  If we don’t receive a response from you within 14 days, we’ll treat your order as cancelled and will notify you of this by email.

Prices in our quotes are shown exclusive of VAT. If the VAT rate changes between your order being placed and us taking payment, the amount of VAT payable will be automatically adjusted when taking payment.

The legal contract

The legal contract between us and you starts when you have accepted the designs and have made payment for your furniture. We’ll then send you an order confirmation which shows we have accepted your order and we’ll proceed to make your furniture.


Creating original pieces of furniture takes time, and so we’ll give you an indication of when we hope to finish your furniture. That being said, delays can happen and we’ll keep you updated. Time of completion of the furniture isn’t of the essence, which means that if it takes us longer than anticipated, this isn’t a breach by us of our contract with you.

Collection, delivery, ownership and risk

We will work this out the cost of delivery as part of your quote once your order has been received, based on the delivery address and the level of service you require. 

Often we will deliver large items ourselves to ensure safe passage. For customers further afield, we will contract trusted professionals. Collection and delivery can also be arranged by you.

We’ll let you know soon as your furniture is ready for collection from our premises. You will own the furniture once we have accepted your order and you have made payment of the cost of the furniture. The risk of the furniture will pass to you as soon as soon as you have collected it from us.

Refunds policy

As the furniture is bespoke and has been made in consultation with you, we cannot offer a refund or replacement if you change your mind after paying for it. All sales are final, unless the following section applies:

Damaged, faulty, or incorrect goods

We promise that the furniture will be: (i) free from material defects in design, and workmanship; (ii) of satisfactory quality; and (iii) fit for purpose. If the furniture you’ve commissioned doesn’t comply with this, please contact us as soon as possible. We will then discuss with you your options for a refund, repair, or replacement.

If you have any questions or complaints about the furniture you’ve commissioned, please contact us as soon as possible by calling us at 01803 868 978 or emailing us at woodlab@thewoodland.co. You should provide us with photos of the condition of the furniture.

If our reasonable assessment is that the damage to your furniture is due to your mishandling, damage on collection from us, abnormal wear and tear, deliberate damage, negligence, or abnormal or unsuitable working conditions, or you have made unauthorised alterations or repairs to the furniture, then you may not be eligible for a refund of the cost of the woodwork. We will advise you of this by email.

Intellectual property

All the work that goes into the design of your furniture, including the design of the final product, is our intellectual property, and sharing our designs with you does by no means transfer ownership to you or anyone else. You’re not permitted to sell, share, licence, distribute, exploit, publish (or any similar activity) our designs without our prior written consent.

2. Course terms & conditions

Thank you for considering our Woodskills at Woodlab courses. When making a booking you will be asked to confirm you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.

Booking a place on a course

While we will gladly register your interest for a particular course, your place can only be secured on receipt of payment in full. All bookings must be made through our website.

Once booked you will receive an automatic confirmation email from us. It will outline what you’ll need to do before the course starts. Please read it carefully.

All courses are beginner friendly unless otherwise stated. All attendees must be at least 18 years old. In some circumstances it might be possible to accommodate younger attendees accompanied by an adult, but please call us to discuss this. All course bookings must be made by the adult.

If you have physical/mobility difficulties that might preclude you from standing and working at a bench, please call us and we will do our best to cater for you.

Paying by Instalments for the Journey to Making course

We have a payment plan option available for our 10 month Journey to Making course. If you would like to apply for this, please contact us through the enquiry form on our contact page.  

We offer 4 instalments of £600. The first is taken at the time of booking. The next 3 are spread over the duration of the course.

By entering into a payment plan with Woodlab, you are agreeing at the time of booking to pay the total price of the course in 4 separate instalments. This is not a ‘pay as you go’ option - once your initial payment is confirmed you are obliged to meet each scheduled payment. This is the case even if you are unable to remain on the course after its commencement.

Cancellation by attendees

If you have to cancel your booking please notify us as soon as possible. Do tell us the circumstances of your cancellation and we’ll do what we can to help you. You are welcome to phone us, but please follow this up with confirmation in writing. Transferring on to another course (should you wish to do so) may be possible subject to availability.

Please note - we only accept changes or cancellations from the person who made the booking.


If you cancel more than 4 weeks (no less than 28 days) before the start of the course and do not transfer to another course, you will be refunded the course fee minus a £25 administrative fee. For the Journey to Making course it is 6 weeks, no less than 42 days.

If you cancel less than 4 weeks before the start of the courses we will refund you 50% of the course fee. If we manage to fill the space made by your cancellation, then we will refund you the remaining amount minus a £25 administrative fee. For the Journey to Making course it is less than 6 weeks.

If you cancel less than 2 weeks before the start of the courses we will not be able to refund you the course fee. If we do manage to fill the space made by your cancellation, then we will refund you the course fee minus a £25 administrative fee. For the Journey to Making course it is less than 3 weeks.

If you cancel after the first session on a multi session course, we will not be able to refund you any proportion of the course fee.

We aim to refund within 14 days of receiving written notice of cancellation from the person making the booking.

Changing the people who will attend the course

We will allow a change of attendee up to the point the course starts provided the new attendee meets our minimum age requirement (or any other criteria specified in these Terms and Conditions). The new attendee will need to confirm their inclusion in the course in writing. This confirmation will be taken as an agreement to these Terms and Conditions.

Changes to or cancellation of courses by Woodlab

Woodlab reserves the right to cancel any course at short notice if it becomes necessary to do so. In that event, you will be notified as soon as possible, and advised of options for transferring to another course at no extra charge or if you prefer to withdraw your booking, a full refund will be made.

We will make every reasonable effort to complete the course on time (and in accordance with your booking).  We cannot, however, be held responsible for any delays if an event outside of our control occurs.

Changes to course content

We reserve the right to alter/change the course content as described on the website in line with continuing course developments and improvements. Most of these changes will be minor. Any substantial changes will be communicated to attendees prior to the start of the course.

Health & safety instruction on ALL COURSEs

We will provide health and safety instruction at the beginning of each course and on each machine before you use it. In making a booking, you agree to abide by these instructions.

We constantly assess and update the safety procedures on our courses, and have a rigorous safe system of work in place in our workshop. Nevertheless, by making a booking you accept that you are undertaking the course and using our machinery at your own risk.

Additional Health & safety on the Journey to Making course

On this 10 month course you will be working alongside many others on the course. Every one of you plays a part in creating a safe working environment in the workshop. To this end, please watch this video of Woodlab's Health, Safety, and workshop etiquette. The video was produced for our members, but much of it is just as relevant to a group of 8 students sharing a space and machinery.

, sharing space and machinery with many other course participants. We expect you to conduct yourselves appropriately.

We make it explicit in the T&C’s that online booking is taken as confirmation to abide by the Health and Safety requirements of the course. 


Please note that our short courses are taught by professionals and have been designed to introduce you to modern machines, techniques and processes in contemporary woodworking. The aim is to enthuse you with the potential of woodwork, not to give you comprehensive machine training and experience - which takes many months. To this end, the workshops do not act as induction training to use our machines unsupervised, nor do they give you all the necessary skills to conduct yourself in a workshop or work professionally in the industry. In this regard, we cannot be held responsible for any woodwork related accident, injury in the aftermath of our courses.

Members who use Woodlab's facilities are professional makers and/or have certificated machine training from recognised educational organisations. For any student keen to work in the woodwork sector, we strongly advise and encourage further certificated training in woodwork. Once trained up we'll gladly welcome you in!


We aim to create an environment that feels safe and respectful of everyone in a class. We welcome any input from course attendees in that endeavour.  

Ours is a large well-ventilated workshop. Currently it is not obligatory to wear a mask, but we will respect your wish to do so. We do ask that you respect people’s space and, as you will be working with others for hours at a time, we ask that if you feel ill or have symptoms in line with Covid19 then please call us as soon as possible. We will aim to re-book your place on a later course. The government policies on mask wearing, distancing, testing and self-isolating frequently change and as such our policy on Covid19 safety is always under review and may be modified accordingly. If it does, we will contact all who’ve booked.

3. General Workshop users Terms & Conditions

use of WoodLab’s workshop and facilities

WoodLab is owned and operated by the Woodland Presents, a company limited by guarantee. It is a workshop and community of individual businesses under one roof. Both users and course attendees are given access to the workshop, kitchen, toilet and Woodlab’s WiFi.

While using these facilities, course participants must adhere to the following terms and conditions. WoodLab Staff and Course tutors have the right to refuse or terminate the attendance of any course participant or membership if they breach these Terms.

So, to make sure everything runs smoothly and harmoniously, members, users and course attendees shall ensure they:

  • Use WoodLab’s facilities appropriately and in a responsible manner
  • Are aware of the space and needs of others
  • Are polite and courteous in their interactions with other attendees and users of WoodLab.
  • Do not permit any persons who are not users or course members to access WoodLab or use its facilities
  • Comply with any notices sent to them by the WoodLab
  • Notify their tutor immediately upon becoming aware of any:
    - injury, incident or accident which occurs at WoodLab; or
    - fault, error or problem with any of the tools, equipment or facilities provided by the Woodland Presents; or
    - breach of these terms by themselves or another course attendee.
  • Continue to wear the appropriate clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE) as instructed by your tutor when working with powered tools or machinery.
  • Do not work alone. There must always be at least two people in the workshop.
  • Only use the tools and machinery that they have been inducted on during the course. Use of machinery prior to a course introduction will result in immediate termination of attendance.
  • Leave the area surrounding the work benches clean and tidy at the end of each day.  WoodLab will supply a hoover and brushes, as well as rubbish disposal facilities.

General Liability

Each User agrees that the Woodland Presents will have no liability whatsoever for any personal injury or death to persons or damage to property which arises out of or in connection with the negligence, carelessness or misuse of the equipment in the Machinery Workshop by that User or by any other User.

Users are responsible for the security of their personal belongings. The storage provided by the Woodland Presents is not guaranteed as secure storage and Users use it at their own risk. The Woodland Presents will have no liability in the event that any equipment, tools, timber or other materials are lost, damaged or stolen.

Nothing in this paragraph will limit or exclude the Woodland Presents for any liability for personal injury or death resulting from its own negligence or that of its employees.

Data protection

Any personal data provided to the Woodland Presents by course attendees or WoodLab members will be stored and processed for the purpose of administering the course. Such personal data will be processed by Woodland Presents in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will not be transferred to any third parties. Any questions or subject access requests from a course attendee in relation to their personal data should be sent to woodlab@thewoodland.co or made in writing to Woodlab, Woodlands Yard, Dartington, TQ9 6NS. The data controller in respect of the course attendee’s personal data will be the Woodland Presents Team.

If you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please contact us at woodlab@thewoodland.co.