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Woodlab is managed by a small team of professional woodfolk (complete with phenomenal skills and excruciating good looks). It may seem like we’ve been wandering around forests for too long, but don’t be fooled. Underneath our plaid exterior lies 45 years of combined experience in forest economics, deep ecology, regenerative forestry, joinery and design. 

Amongst the many other maker-spaces, our approach means we can see the wood for the trees. The whole team believe timber is first and foremost part of a wider natural system which must be kept in balance. We believe trees are not handy freebies for indiscriminate human consumption. They are homes, centres of biodiversity, and essential for natural carbon sequestration. 


In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful.


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We are among the first in a growing strategic movement. The mission is to use ‘wood-hubs’ (like Woodlab) to reconstitute regional wood-processing chains, and make the domestic timber industry more resilient. Globally, deforestation and a growing culture of importation and disposability are key drivers of our ecological crises. In response, we work closely with our local timber sector to stimulate regenerative development. 

The creation of British ‘wood-hubs’ like ours, concentrates a flow of regenerative wood-based activity from which sawmills, foresters, makers and communities can all benefit, without pillaging the natural world. It means you can take pride in the provenance and longevity of the wood you’ve worked. We’re working towards seeing a national network of wood-hubs doing this.

And yes, sometimes, we give the trees a little hug. 

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Development of Woodlab trading activities were partially funded by Devon County Council – Devon Elevation Fund Community Renewal Fund

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